TZ is a complete Post Trade Surveillance platform that covers the regulatory requirements of MIFID, MIFIR/ MIFID II, MAD, MAD II and ESMA guidelines in Europe and Dodd Frank, Volcker Rule and MAD in North America. Asset classes currently covered included:

  • Equities,
  • Fixed Income,
  • Foreign Exchange,
  • Futures
  • Exchange Derivatives
  • OTC derivatives

The core modules of TZ include:

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Why Implement TZ™?

Adept Trade surveillance for risk containment, policy adherence and client marketing, demands enormous amounts of data analysis, swift decision making and immediate response.

The ease with which a problem or issue can be remedied is directly proportionate to the length of time that the problem is allowed to exist; the longer the problem exists the greater the problem becomes; the more resources that are needed to resolve it.

Immediate action means that issues rarely become problems and therefore require fewer resources to resolve.

TZ™ stands apart from its competitors as it escalates issues for immediate attention into TZ™ Case management.

All data relevant to the matter is presented accompanied by with a synopsis of the issue. A user may attach additional information to the case record such as voice recordings, client documentation etc. and close the case for future reference or pass the matter for more senior or wider attention.

All data, whether subject of exception analysis or ‘clean’, is stored with its reference material for 5+ years and may be accessed for analysis and what if scenarios.