TZ- Best Execution-Instant Analysis to monitor Traders, Brokers and Execution Desks to satisfy Investment Managers, Regulatory Compliance Professionals and the Board who are obliged by the regulators to take “All sufficient steps” to facilitate the execution of transactions to achieve best possible results for their clients.  This has been upgraded in MiFID II from “Reasonable steps”.

TZ Best Execution is there for all eventualities and the developing landscape and will walk hand in hand with its clients to achieve a flexible solution that fits all Financial Firms in a bespoke manner.

TZ- Best Execution

  • Multi Venue Analysis against 250+ global venues, with data going back 10 years.
  • Multi Asset monitoring including Equities, Futures and Derivatives thereof, Fixed Income (including High yield, Distressed and CDS etc), FX Spot, FX FWDS and FX Options, CFDs and Commodities.
  • TZ can define the parameters and logic in Best Execution policies and demonstrate in practice what efforts are being made to follow Best Execution Best Efforts for client scenarios.
  • Assess performances in Best Execution under different verticals i.e. Brokers, Teams, Platforms and Counterparties etc.
  • Total Access to all data stored in TZ and ability to data mine at any stage and formulate reports and Tests in seconds.
  • Run preset reports, set alerts or compile bespoke reports, TZ can deal with it all and allows exportation to Excel and PDF.

TZ: Best Execution Standard Alerts

  • TZ: Best Execution benchmarks against Best Bid and Best Ask “Touch”
  • TZ: Best Execution benchmarks against time constraints and Implementation Shortfall
  • TZ: Best Execution benchmarks against Venue
  • TZ: Best Execution benchmarks against a moving VWAP not a daily VWAP for accuracy
  • TZ: Best Execution provides Interactive Exportable Graphs