In March 2009 eflow and Interactive Data (Europe) Ltd entered into an agreement to combine a range of Interactive's Plus tick, End of Day and fundamental data reference data with eflow's TransacTzar market leading Trade Surveillance system.

eflow's unique relationship with IDC means that eflow can seamlessly incorporation any additional IDC services requested by a client, which do not already come as standard in their eflow solution. 

The Dow Jones News wire text service adds additional accuracy and facilitates more in depth analysis on the TransacTzar module  in order to identify market abuses, conflicts of interest, insider trading and any other market irregularity tests that may be applicable.

Eflow's preferred partner for it's range of c-tree SQL databases, faircom's c-tree range currently underpins 90% of Custom, Transaction reporting, Decision automation and Transaction management solutions built on the PATH technology platform.

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